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Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank distributes basic essential items (diapers, period, and incontinence supplies) through a network of community, non-profit, educational, and healthcare partner organizations that are serving low-income women, children, and seniors with comprehensive, evidence-based programming proven to strengthen and stabilize families, give children healthy and happy beginnings, and ensure our seniors can live healthy active lives.

If people struggle to provide essential items for their children or themselves, they are likely struggling with many other needs critical for health and wellbeing. Because of this, the Diaper Bank works exclusively with community distribution partners–adding diapers, period kits, and incontinence supplies to the list of services our partners can provide–rather than distributing directly to families and individuals. By working with partners, Loving Bottoms avoids creating a new distribution system–but more importantly, it strengthens our partners’ programming, allowing them to make products available to those they serve.

When people don’t have to worry about where to get diapers, period, and incontinence supplies, they are free to focus more intention and effort on meeting the goals of their engagement in our partner programs. Put simply: our products strengthen the lives of both the organizations with whom we partner and the lives of the people who receive them.

The only way Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank gets our diapers, period supplies, and incontinence products out into the hands of the families who need them is through partnerships with local non-profit organizations, school districts, health departments, and pantries.

Counties Our Partners Serve

  • Fulton
  • Hancock
  • Henry
  • Henderson
  • Knox
  • McDonough
  • Mercer
  • Peoria
  • Stark
  • Tazewell
  • Warren

Current Partner Agencies

  • Abilities Plus
  • Abingdon Community Center
  • Boys & Girls Club of Greater Peoria
  • CASA of West Central Illinois
  • Catholic Charities – St. Nicholas Mobile Pantry
  • Children’s Home – Good Beginnings & Family Connects
  • Crittenton Center – Milestones
  • FamilyCore
  • Hand Up Peoria
  • Henry Stark Health Department
  • Jamieson Community Center
  • Jobs Partnership
  • Mercer County Senior Center
  • Mercer Health Department
  • Pekin 108
  • Pekin Church of God – Food Pantry
  • Peoria County Bright Futures
  • Regional Office of Education 26
  • Regional Office of Education 33
  • Salvation Army –  Fulton & Knox County
  • Spoon River Pregnancy Center
  • TASC SmartStart
  • Tazewell Health Department
  • VNA Comunity Services
  • Williamsfield Food Pantry

Partner FAQ

How do I apply to be a partner agency?

We are not currently accepting applications for new partner agencies. To express interest, please fill out our interest form below.

What is the application process like?

After you fill out the online application, your organization will be placed on our waitlist. One to two times a year, we review the waitlist and add new partners based on our capacity and our current priorities in addressing diaper need.

Is there a fee to be a partner agency?

There is a small annual fee to be a partner agency of Loving Bottoms, based on the number of individuals you want to serve each month per program. Below are our current diaper, period, and incontinence partner agency fees, which can be offset by volunteer hours at our warehouse if an organization chooses that option: 

Are you flexible with the partner agency fee?

Partner agency fees are due within 120 days of sending the annual invoice. We know funding, fundraisers, donors, etc., could be seasonal or cyclical, so if you have an unusual extenuating circumstance, reach out so we can talk. We also don’t mind if someone else pays your annual fee on behalf of your organization. We’ve seen groups have excellent success asking a corporate sponsor, volunteer, or superstar donor to cover the agency fee for a year. What a great way to spread awareness of diaper need and give a donor something really special and meaningful to fund. (We also provide your agency with data around diaper distribution outcomes, making it easy for you to share the impact with those donors at the end of the year! See below for more information on data.)

How many products will my clients get each month?

Diaper Program

Each month, each child receives 50 diapers (sizes newborn through 6) or 20 Pull-Ups (all sizes of Pull-Ups) that match the size they currently need. Children can receive diapers until their 3rd birthday. Pull-Ups are only available to our home-visiting/case management partners.

Baby wipes are available; the quantity varies based on inventory.

Period Program

Period kits with 20 products are provided for anyone in the household who menstruates. We offer pad-only kits and pad & tampon kits.

Incontinence Program

Seniors receive 20 products (pads or briefs) each month in the size they need.

Other Misc Products

We get other products that we make available to our partners from time to time. In the past, this has included items like formula, Halo Sleep Sacks, board books, bottles, pacifiers, rash cream, baby wash/lotion, hand sanitizer, etc.

How are products packaged?

We wrap bundles of 25 diapers in plastic wrap with a size label on each one. Each child gets 2 bundles (50 diapers) each month. Period supplies are packed in kits.  Incontinence products are bundled in plastic wrap with a size label on each one.  Each senior gets 2 bundles (40 products) each month. We then put the bundles in boxes or reusable nylon bags so it’s easier for you to transport them.

What, How, Where, When will I get the products for my clients each month?

WHAT: Partner agencies place orders for the products, sizes, and quantities they need each month.

HOW: Each partner agency is responsible for picking up their diapers from Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank’s warehouse each month.

WHERE: Our warehouse is located at 77 S. Henderson St., Galesburg, IL 61401

WHEN: Diaper pick-up is on Wednesday mornings from 9-12.  When you become an active partner, we will assign you a week for your pick-up (for example: 3rd Wednesday of each month)

Can you deliver my order?

At this time, we are not able to offer delivery for orders. We hope to be able to offer this service for a small fee in the future.  

Do you have any data around distribution outcomes?

We sure do! Twice a year we do agency wide surveys. We collect and analyze that data and send you a report on the outcomes for YOUR agency at the end of the year. So you’ll be able to show precisely how providing products has helped your clients, in their own words.

What if I have someone in mind right now that needs help?

A lot of organizations want to become partners with us because they personally know someone in need of diapers right now. You can search through our current agencies to get someone connected with diapers. 

Do you have any reporting requirements?

Yes! But we try to make it as simple as possible.  After all, our products are just a small part of your important work.

What if I'm still not sure I want to become a partner agency?

No worries! Feel free to email our Program Coordinator at with any additional questions you may have. We can also set up a time to chat before you fill out the application to make sure our agencies would be a good fit.

Interested in Becoming a Partner Agency?

The Diaper Bank seeks partners committed to collaborative work – helping us understand the scope, causes, and consequences of diaper need and period poverty in our community and helping us understand the impact that our products make in the lives of families.

We ask our partners to commit to helping us collect data, talk about basic essentials need and the Diaper Bank in the community, and join us in advocacy efforts that would make diapers, period, and incontinence supplies more accessible for the families who need them in Illinois and nationwide.

Fill out the form below to add your organization to our waitlist. 

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