Partner with Loving Bottoms: Basic Needs Bank in Illinois

Why Partner with Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank?

We operate on a simple but impactful model: we supply essential items to partner agencies who then distribute them to families and individuals in need. Much like how food banks work with food pantries, we work closely with agencies to ensure these essential supplies reach those who need them most.

We proudly serve Bureau, Fulton, Hancock, Henderson, Henry, Mercer, McDonough, Knox, Stark, Peoria, Tazewell, and Warren Counties, offering a variety of essential items including diapers, wipes, period kits, and incontinence supplies.

Partnering with Loving Bottoms has provided another tool for Early Beginnings to connect with other social service agencies in our region and receive more referrals. There are many times a family is referred to us for diapers and are then able to learn more about our home visiting program and see the benefits it would provide to their family.

Regional Office of Education 28

Serving, McDonough, Hancock, & Fulton Counties

Benefits of Partnership

Enhance Program Engagement

  • Gateway to New Enrollments: Diapers and other essential items act as “gateway” offerings that attract families who may not typically engage with your services.
  • Long-Term Engagement: Providing basic needs items has been shown to increase long-term engagement with our partners’ programs, including prenatal to age-3 home visiting programs and WIC programs at health departments.

Strengthen Relationships with Families

  • Build Trust: Offering items like diapers or period supplies can be a stepping stone to building strong, trusting relationships between your staff and the families you serve.
  • Increased Interaction: A steady supply of essential items keeps families engaged and coming back, offering more opportunities for meaningful interactions and supportive services.

Financial Synergy for Community Impact

  • Unlock Opportunities: Collaborate with us to secure targeted funding, whether through grants or community initiatives. This will not only enable us to serve more families but also move your organization higher in the priority queue for receiving supplies.

On woman in her early twenties visits us almost every month. She quietly asks for the period kits after visiting the pantry. Last month, for the first time, she shared her personal situation with one of our staff. They talked for about 30 minutes. On her way out the door, she told one of our volunteers to thank the staff member and that the conversation was immensely helpful. Our programs open the door to connection.

Jamieson Community Center

Serving, Warren County

Current Status: Operate from a Waitlist

Due to high demand and limited capacity, we are currently operating from a waitlist. We encourage interested organizations to fill out our interest form for a chance to partner with us in the future.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Interest Form: Submit your details through our online form (below).
  2. Initial Review: We will review your submitted information and reach out if additional details are needed. Subsequently, you’ll be informed about your waitlist status.
  3. Quarterly Updates: Receive periodic emails informing you of your current status on the waitlist, as well as general updates about our program.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Registered as a 501c3 in good standing, religious, or government organization.
  • Serve any of the Illinois counties listed above.
  • Willing to collect and share distribution and demographic data for compliance with National Diaper Bank Network requirements and grant reporting.

All of my seniors live on fixed incomes. Some better than others, Yet all our FIXED. So as the inflation goes up it is not easy for them to get more money. They can’t tell the boss I need some overtime. They have to stretch the almighty dollar even more. Many have told me what a blessing it is to have LBDB. With the program they are able to stretch the dollar just that much more!

Mercer County Senior Center

Serving, Mercer County

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