How do I apply to be a partner agency?

Please fill out the Partner Interest form HERE.

What is the application process like?

After you fill out the Partner Interest Form. We will schedule a quick call to talk about your organization, the process for signing up clients each month, expectations, answer questions, and make sure we mutually agree that our organizations would make a great partnership. If you are invited to become a partner for the upcoming year, you will receive our Partner Agreement Packet with the forms required.

New partners will be notified in November of each year, with an orientation held in mid-December.

Agencies that surpass our capacity will be placed on our waitlist and reviewed quarterly.

What if I am not sure if I want to be a partner agency?

No worries! Feel free to email us with any questions. We can also set up a time to chat before you fill out the application to make sure our agencies would be a good fit.

How many products will my clients get each month?

Each child receives either 50 diapers (sizes newborn through 6) or 20 Pull-Ups (all sizes of Pull-Ups) each month that match the size they currently need. Children can receive diapers until their 3rd birthday.

Period kits with 20 products are provided for anyone in the household who menstrates.

Seniors receive 20 products (pads or briefs) each month in the size they need.

How are the products packaged?

We wrap bundles of 25 diapers in plastic wrap with a size label on each one. Each child gets two bundles (50 diapers) each month (or one bundle of 20 Pull-Ups).

We package period kits in plastic zip closure bags.  They contain five regular pads, five liners, five overnight pads, and five tampons. They are labeled by tampon size.  Each kit contains printed information on how to use the products and information about toxic shock syndrome.

We wrap bundles of 20 pads or briefs in plastic wrap with a size label on each one.  Adults get one bundle (20 products) each month.


How, When, Where will I get the diapers for my clients each month?

HOW: Each partner agency is responsible for picking up their diapers from Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank’s warehouse each month.

WHERE: Our warehouse is located at 77 S. Henderson St. Galesburg, IL 61401

WHEN: Diaper pick-up is on Wednesday mornings from 9-12.  When you become a partner we will assign you a week for your pick-up (example: 3rd Wednesday of each month)

Do you have any data around diaper distribution outcomes?

We sure do! Every time an individual receives a product, there is a brief survey they fill out. We collect and analyze that data and at the end of the year send you a report on the diaper outcomes for YOUR agency. So you’ll be able to show exactly how providing products has helped your clients, in their own words.