Feature Friday: ROE #33

Feature Friday: ROE #33

Next up in our Partner Spotlight series is the Regional Office of Education #33! They have been partnered with Loving Bottoms since 2018 and provide a wide range of services to the community beyond diaper distribution. Their overall mission statement is to “serve our schools and community by providing educational resources, partnerships, and opportunities” and they provide services to Henderson, Knox, Mercer and Warren counties.  

What does ROE #33 do?

The ROE #33’s Early Childhood Prenatal- Age 3 program aims to empower parents to be their child’s first teacher, so they help parents with goal setting and child development activities. The focus is on children prenatal to age three. Family Educators visit families in their home either weekly or bi-weekly and tailor programs to each individual child’s needs. Collaborating with partnering agencies, communities, and schools helps to maximize each child’s potential.

Within ROE #33, families can be connected to many other services that they may need, including Adult Education programs (English as a Second Language, High School Equivalency, Career and Technical Education, etc.) and family programs (Early Childhood Preschool Program, Family Literacy, Truancy & Homeless Education, 21st Century Community Learning Center, Behavioral Health Support Services, etc.).  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ROE #33 struggled to make the shift to virtual home visits and activities.  They did so successfully, however, and were able to keep enrollment rates at 80% of pre-pandemic levels! They are happy to be back to providing in-person and in-home services, ensuring that families get hands-on learning experiences.

What is their impact?

ROE #33 shared some testimonies from clients about how influential their services have been:

One client said, “I have been enrolled in the Regional Office of Education #33 Prenatal to Age 3 program for three years now. The support I receive from my family educator has helped me learn new ways to encourage my daughter’s development as well as… receiv[ing] my highschool diploma.”

Another said, “Overall, the Regional Office of Education #33 home visiting program has made a positive impact on my family. Our family educator helped us make a smooth transition when it was time for us to enroll [our son] into preschool.… Home visits have helped me set aside time in my busy schedule to focus on my children’s growth and development.”

Want to get involved?

The Early Childhood Prenatal- Age 3 program has a Parent/Community Advisory Committee, which aims to strengthen the program operations, sustainability, and help provide the highest quality of services to families. Individuals who have knowledge in certain areas or have a vested interest in building a stronger community can become members of this committee.  It is a volunteer position and meetings are twice a year.  Employees, caregivers, and stakeholders are also part of the committee. 

More information about working with and/or getting services from the ROE #33 can be found online at https://www.roe33.net/ or on Facebook at the following page: ROE #33 Early Childhood Program Prenatal to Age 3 (https://www.facebook.com/groups/343101126815195). You can also contact one of the program coordinators directly or stop by in person at one of their locations (contact information, addresses, and hours all available online).

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