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Your Orders Due By: Last Wednesday of Month

Your Pick-Up | Delivery Week: Third Wednesday

Your Tracking Sheet:

Volunteer Hours Needed: Opted Out

Partner Fees Paid: Paid – THANK YOU!

Partner Email:
This email is monitored by Jenny, Alysia, & Lee Ann, please direct all emails here so that we can get back to you promptly.

Phone: (309)297-4754 – YOU CAN NOW TEXT US!

Jenny – Mon & Wed 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Lee Ann – Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Alysia – varies from week to week

Address: 77 S. Henderson St. Galesburg, IL 61401

Agency Profile

Below you will find the information we have on record for your agency.  Please review regularly and let us know if any corrections are needed. 

Agency Distibution

Ordering Product


PartnerBase: Click Here To Login

How to Place an Order:

  1. Login into PartnerBase.
  2. Choose ‘Create Request’ under Quantity.
  3. Selected the product you need.  Enter the quantity that you need, not packages.
  4. Continue to add new items until the order is complete.
  5. Submit order.
  6. You will receive a copy of your order via email.
  7. Once our staff fulfills your email, you will receive a second email confirming your pick-up date.


  • Diapers Newborn to Six – 25 per package (2 packages per child)
  • Pull-Ups – all sizes – 20 per package (1 package per child)
  • Briefs – Youth to Adult – 20 per package (1-2 per individual)
  • Pads – Adult – 20 per package (1-2 per individual)
  • Bed Pads – 10 per package (1-2 per individual)
  • Wipes – 1 package per baby (if inventory is low, it will be adjusted to 1 per family)
  • Misc. Items – order per item.
  • Period Cups – 1 per person who menstruates (one time)
  • Period Kits – 1 per person who menstruates
    • Choose pad or pad & tampon

How to Place an Order – Video

Order Pick-Up

Pick-Up Day: Wednesdays from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

  • Each partner has an assigned week.  If you need to change the week (one time or permanent) please send your request to

Bags: All orders are packed in the laundry or IKEA bags.  It is very important that you remember to return your bags each month when you pick up your order.  Failure to do so may result in your order needing to be bagged when you arrive with the bags you return. 

Arriving for Pick-Up:

  1. Back your vehicle up to the 2nd loading dock.
  2. Call (309)297-4754 to let us know you have arrived.
  3. Staff &/or volunteers will assist you in loading products into your vehicle. 
  4. Give bags & surveys to staff/volunteer assisting you. 
  5. Have a safe drive home!

When you arrive back to your agency:

  1. Inventory what you received with the packing slip provided at pick-up.
  2. Notify us of any errors by emailing

Winter Weather Policy:

  1. If Galesburg District 150 is closed we will not be working in the office.  Stay home. Stay Safe.
  2. Pick-up will be moved to the following Monday or Wednesday (your preferance) 
  3. IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE DRIVING PLEASE DON’T!  With such a wide region the weather/road conditions will vary.  Always use caution and your best judgement.  Your order will be here when it is safe.
  4. We will attempt to call/text your agency contacts to notify you of weather cancelations.  When in doubt call or text us before leaving!

Google Spreadsheet: We create a Google Sheet for each agency to collect and track how they distribute the products we provide.  

Check-ins: Jenny does spot checks on the spreadsheets each month around the 10th.  If she notices anything unusual she will contact you or leave a comment on the sheet for clarification.  

Volunteer Hours

Not use all your print pages this month?  You can convert them to volunteer hours!

We will provide you will colored paper and the pdf to print labels for our diaper packages at your monthly pick-up and bring the printed labels back at your next pick-up.

Diaper Labels
1 ream (our paper, black ink, one-sided) = 2.5 hours

Pad & Tampon Inserts
1 ream (your paper, color ink, two-sided) = 7 hours
1 ream (our paper, color ink, two-sided) = 6 hours

Pad Only Inserts
1 ream (your paper, color ink, one-sided) = 4 hours
1 ream (our paper, color ink, one-sided) = 3 hours

Host & Promote a Drop Off Location

  • You provide a box or tub, and we will give the sign.  We will also list you on our website as a drop-off location.
  • Bring donations each month when you pick up your order.

Pick-Up From a Drop Off Location Monthly

  • If we have a non-agency drop box in your town and you would like to check it for us monthly, let us know.
  • If we don’t, maybe you can find a local business that would like to host one!

Serve on a Committee

  • Our fundraising committee is currently looking for additional committee members

Assist with Diaper Need Awareness Week or Period Poverty Awareness Week

Other ideas?

  • Let us know!  We are open to suggestions and new ideas.
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Thank you for all you do supporting our communities!

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